cuuuuute, domo!, faces

Hey. You.

Figured it was time to get some planning up in this place, now that all my computer issues have been sorted!

Right, so, here's how it's gonna go down:

Tell us about yourself. Tell us what you're good at, what style you use, what pairings you write, what you suck at, what styles you want to learn about, if you need a beta, whatever! We want to know, and we want to help. we referring, of course, to everyone!

And when comments start getting posted, read through them. If someone writes a pairing or wants to write a pairing you know, chat it up! If someone needs help with beta-ing or writing style or syntax and you think you're pro at it, offer to help. Obviously, this is optional, but since we all want to get better, why not try it out?

post is not mem-locked simply because anyone can help out, amirite? an actual plot-related post will be up soon, no worries!